The Down Low on Home Heating Maintenance Plans

You need an expert you can trust when it comes to HVAC advice.

You need an expert you can trust when it comes to HVAC advice.

Winter is coming, and with it, home heating repair bills. We’re so fortunate to live here in the Phoenix area, where winters are mild. But at the same time, our most significant electrical cost is often from running the HVAC unit. Not by coincidence, your HVAC unit is probably the most expensive appliance in your home. A home heating maintenance plan protects that investment and assures that the unit is clean and working to optimal specifications.

Regular maintenance

Because a maintenance plan keeps your HVAC unit running smoothly, you can enjoy lower electrical bills and repair costs. Regular maintenance has the added benefit of bringing irregularities to light so they can be corrected.


Comprehensive service by a trained technician means less stress on the unit, and minor repairs performed promptly and correctly. Small, frequent repairs caught early will make the possibility of a cumulative, significant, expensive repair far less likely. It also means you won’t forget or skip maintenance because it’s part of the package.

Optimal performance

Nothing saves money more than an appliance which is clean and in good working order. Optimal performance doesn’t just happen, because HVAC units tend to work hard and get dirty. When an HVAC is kept clean, it performs better, and the bill is as low as it can be.

Hourly, not commissioned

Our employees are paid hourly, not commissioned, meaning they don’t make more money when they sign you up for a maintenance plan and don’t make any money urging you to repair something which doesn’t need repair. As a result, you can be confident that if one of our technicians suggests a procedure or repair to you, he isn’t going to make a bonus or extra fee if you take his advice. Giving employees a commission on repairs is a bad practice, in our opinion, because a customer has enough to worry about without the added concern of less-than-honorable motives. We want you to be able to have confidence in the expertise of our team.

Will we make money on a repair? Yes. But we prefer to have customers who are loyal to us, and the only way to do that is to offer the most expert HVAC service available and couple it with integrity that will inspire confidence.

How do you know if a maintenance plan is right for you?

If your HVAC unit is brand new and you want it to stay in perfect operating order, a maintenance plan will do that. If the unit is older and has some wear, a maintenance plan will keep it working at top performance. If your HVAC is older and prone to a lot of problems and repairs, a maintenance plan will have an expert who can keep a close eye on it and tell you exactly when you’d be better off to replace it. Because there will come a day when a new one will pay for itself, and you want to know that before you go to any undue expense.

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