Cleaning the Air Quality Helpers

Exhaust fans, also called vent fans, are used to pull grease, heat, moisture, and odors from areas in your home where they may become trapped and lower the air quality in your home. AN air purifier is used to filter the air in a small space. Keeping your vent fans and air purifier in good working order not only helps you HVAC but also protects your home from excessive moisture, grease, dust, and noxious fumes.

Bathroom exhaust fan

These fans benefit significantly from a little TLC, so grab the vacuum with the hose attachment. Shut the power switch off. When you remove the cover, make sure your ladder is in a comfortable position, and wear goggles so flying dust won’t blind you when you remove the cover.


Some covers have screws, and some have clips. If you have the kind with clips, you have to pull the cover off a little bit and squeeze the clips to remove the cover. Once it’s removed, use the crevice tool to clean the fan housing. The dust and dirt can be a little tough to get out if it’s been a long time. Be careful, because you don’t want to damage anything.

Clean the vent cover by washing it in soapy water and allow it to dry before replacing it.

Kitchen exhaust fan

The holidays are coming, which means some of us will be cooking indoors. The kitchen exhaust fan vent or range vent will have a filter to collect the grease. This website recommends cleaning it with boiling water and Dawn with a little baking soda. We want to add a warning to that not to put the greasy water down your sink unless you want a visit from your plumber.

As the website warns, if you don’t make a habit of it, cleaning the exhaust fan vent might be a very messy business. It just goes to show how much gunk that little fan keeps out of your air!

Home air purifier

After you turn off and unplug the home air purifier, wipe down the outside of the unit with a damp cloth. A small, soft brush can be used to clean the air vents/outlets, usually located on the top of the unit. An unused makeup brush or razor brush will work.

A foam or permanent filter can be washed gently in warm, soapy water, but should be completely dry before returning it to the unit. If the filter appears to be damaged in any way, replace it before using, however, if it’s merely discolored, replacement isn’t necessary.

These tools will help your HVAC unit work to improve the air quality in your home. The better they work, the less the HVAC unit has to, so it will last longer and your home’s air will be cleaner and more comfortable.

If you have concerns about the air quality or comfort of your home, give us a call!

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