Providing Comfort for Winter Visitors

Holiday sweater party!

Holiday sweater party!

The houseguests arrive just about the same time as our chilly weather. Aunt Candy and Uncle Fred marvel at our warm days, while we’re still sulking over having to swap our flip flops for regular shoes. 

Ah, winter holidays mean guests here in Arizona! We’re here to offer suggestions to get you get through those less-than-warm days and still make your home welcoming for company.  

Bundle up

During the day, the temperatures are a little warmer. It’s at night that we feel a chill. But, instead of cranking your heat up, grab a throw or a sweater for those curling-up evenings. (There is a reason for the iconic image of a starving writer wearing an old sweater!) Chances are good your company from back east will feel more comfortable if it’s cool anyway, but keep throws and spare quilts on hand in the guest room, too. When people are asleep under covers, it can be quite cold, and you’ll still be toasty. Have your Smart thermostat turn the heat on before you wake up. If you don’t have a Smart thermostat, consider one. Investments in climate comfort are always worthwhile.


Homes tend to settle, and weatherstripping wears out. So, caulking the windows and sealing the doors with weather stripping will keep the heat in and the cold air out. If your guests have kids who regularly leave the door open, consider a spring mechanism.

Where guests congregate, the room will be warmer. 

Where guests congregate, the room will be warmer. 

 Heat the people

If your guests congregate in one room, consider a space heater instead of turning the HVAC up to heat the whole house. Depending on the size of your home, the savings could be substantial.

While you’re enjoying your company, it might be a good time to do some baking or have a cozy fire, which will heat up the house and fill it with a lovely scent.

Open--and close--the drapes

During the day when it’s sunny, open the drapes or shutters and let your guests enjoy the view and the sun warm your home. When the sun goes down and it starts to cool, shut them again so they can help weatherize the windows.  In this manner, you can use passive solar to help control your indoor climate.

Consider using a humidifier

Winter air is dry; adding a little moisture to the atmosphere causes the air to feel warmer, and as a result, your family will feel warmer because 'dry heat' works both ways. It can also lower the incidence of sinus problems for you and your company

Have your HVAC serviced

Not only will it function better when you have your HVAC serviced, but it’s also the chance to catch upcoming problems, so they don’t ruin your festivities or leave your guests cold during the peak service times.

Each step you can take toward making your house warmer without raising the HVAC will save you a little money on your electric bill. It will also make your house an inviting, comfortable place for your visitors.

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